Rooms and rates

All our private and shared rooms conceived and designed for relaxation and comfort. Based on the large personal experience of living in hotels and hostels of Russia, Europe and Asia, we tried to consider every detail, which all together give a wonderful feeling of comfort. Our hostel is a new facility with a convenient layout and excellent noise insulation of the walls, floor and ceiling. All the rooms at the hostel are equipped with quality ventilation and fresh air. Hardwood flooring from Siberian larch give the room a unique comfort. These floors will always be warm, so you need to go without Slippers! In all toilet rooms plumbing installed high quality for each guest, a mirror and a Hairdryer. For guests dorms provided separate male and female bathrooms, each of which has two toilet and showers. In all areas the hostel has a modern fire alarm system with audible and text alert in the event of an emergency. Have fire exits, set fire extinguishers, evacuation plan is prominently displayed. For the safety of residents and staff of our hostel is guarded round the clock, and installed a modern video surveillance system.